Springing Into the Housing Market: What Experts Predict

Spring is here, and with it comes the busiest season for buying and selling homes. Are you curious what the market holds for you? We've got insights from industry experts to help you navigate the upcoming rush:

More Choices, But Be Ready to Compete (Buyers):

  1. Good news! There's a slight increase in available homes compared to last year, particularly in the $200,000-$350,000 range ([Jiayi Xu, Realtor.com Economist]). This translates to more options for you!

  2. The caveat? Buyer demand remains high, especially from millennials entering the market ([Lisa Sturtevant, Bright MLS Chief Economist]). Be prepared to act fast and competitively.

Sellers Still Have the Upper Hand:

  1. While inventory is rising, it's not enough to significantly cool the seller's market ([Skylar Olsen, Zillow Chief Economist]). Homes that are priced competitively are flying off the shelves, with short listing times.

A Market in Transition:

  1. Experts predict a "sweet spot" for sellers this spring ([Odeta Kushi, First American Deputy Chief Economist]). Inventory is still low, keeping selling times quick.

  2. While mortgage rates have risen, there's a silver lining: home price increases are starting to slow down ([Danielle Hale, Realtor.com Chief Economist]). This can be beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

The Key Takeaway:

Whether you're buying or selling, having me as your local real estate agent on your side is crucial for navigating this dynamic market. My expertise will be invaluable in securing your dream home or maximizing your profit as a seller.

So, are you ready to spring into action?

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